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State of Black Scifi 2012: Giveaway Winners and Upcoming Projects

We’re four weeks into The State of Black Sci-Fi 2012 blog carnival, and I want to thank everyone who’s been contributing to such a great discussion. I’d also like to congratulate the winners of my Escape from Beckyville giveaway – … Continue reading


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What is the State of Black Sci-Fi 2012: Why is it Important to Show Race in Sci-Fi?

What if we lived in a society where authors were banned from writing about the lives of African-Americans? What would you do if black folks were forbidden from publishing at all? How would you feel if, in this future world, … Continue reading


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When Should You Give Up on Your Dreams?

Do your dreams have a shelf life … and should they? Is there an expiration date stamped on the bottom of your deepest desires? I was never a conventional dreamer.


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Why I Write

When I was seven or eight, I wrote obituaries. For a kid, they were pretty morbid stories, the stuff that fills psychiatric files: “Kristy was killed by her father today …” “Timmy got ran over by the school bus …” … Continue reading


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A Beautiful Day in Beckyville

Just another beautiful day in Beckyville. This is my last big writing and revising weekend before sending the book off to the printer next Friday. I’m also coordinating a book trailer video and finalizing the cover artwork with a graphic … Continue reading

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