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The Stiffening

(My short story The Stiffening was originally published in The Absent Willow Review) I was eight years old when I realized that I never saw my mother sitting. Ever. Or lying in bed or immersed beneath a blanket of suds … Continue reading

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Lethal Lottery (Trayvon 2.0)

I’ve blogged about the tragic death of Trayvon Martin and the criminalization of black males. The tragedy still weighs heavily on my mind, especially in light of the smear campaign launched against the slain teen. Author and colleague Alicia McCalla … Continue reading


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Some Good News (Unrelated to Beckyville)

My short story “The Stiffening” is featured in The Absent Willow Review, an ezine dedicated to horror, fantasy and science fiction. Squee! I’m pretty excited about it, since this is my first published short story and speculative fiction at that. … Continue reading

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