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The Beckyville Chronicles: Warring for My Dreams in New Orleans

Am I the only one whose dreams are accompanied by a soundtrack?

Usually when I imagine myself tackling some major mission, I have an anthem playing in my head. The scenes unfold in my mind, in all their Technicolor glory, as if they are being shot by an imaginary director, and at the end of the “film,” I emerge victorious as the scene fades to black.

I need to get out (of my head) more. I know. Continue reading


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The Beckyville Bookmobile (Or Soul Sista Ice Cream Truck)

Some people’s dreams propel them forward, while other folks are petrified at the thought of risk. For much of my life, I’ve fallen into the former category. Before I even had a complete short story collection, when Escape from Beckyville … Continue reading


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Dreams (and Childlike Faith)

I’m quitting my job. There, I said it. I’m walking away from a good-paying gig at a top-rated talk show (with benefits) to follow my dreams. I’m saying deuces to my cubicle, to the place where I collected a weekly … Continue reading

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