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Lola and Nikki’s Excellent Adventures!

While I was in New Orleans a few weeks ago doing a book signing at Community Book Center, I prefaced my talk (as I do many of my readings) by chronicling the journey that brought me from L.A. to New … Continue reading

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The Beckyville Chronicles: Returning Home

I’m typing this at my cousin Ranae’s dining room table in a snow-covered subdivision in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. Ranae bustles around her kitchen preparing Spanish rice, refried beans, cauliflower and broiled pork chops for our dinner. Her … Continue reading

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The Beckyville Chronicles: On the Road Again

This past February, I rented a car and drove nearly three hundred miles from Queenstown, New Zealand to Christchurch by myself. It was my second solo vacation Down Under, having ventured to Sydney, Australia the year before. I’d never driven … Continue reading


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The Beckyville Chronicles: Time and Persistence

“Time never worked the way Sixo thought, so of course he never got it right.” The above line from Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved resonates with me because it describes my own struggle with the clock. Sixo never got time right … Continue reading


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Another “Escape from Beckyville” Interview!

The word is getting out slowly but surely about Escape from Beckyville: Tales of Race, Hair and Rage. This Wednesday, I’ll be a featured guest on “The Serena Sol Brown Show.” Dubbed the “Fairy Sol Sister of Radio,” Serena hosts … Continue reading

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