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Video Trailer for The Baartman Bag

So I wrote a new short story The Baartman Bag that I’m offering as a free download in four parts. The Baartman Bag is the story of a futuristic society where teen black girls are abducted and skinned to make … Continue reading

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The State of Black Sci-Fi 2012: My Tribute to Afrofuturist Betye Saar

Curiosity about the unknown has no boundaries. Symbols, images, place and cultures merge. Time slips away. The stars, the cards, the mystic vigil may hold the answers. By shifting the point of view an inner spirit is released. Free to … Continue reading


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AfroFuturism: A Beautiful History, A Brave New World

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Rasheedah Phillips, a brilliant young lawyer, author and fellow member of the Black Science Fiction Society. She hosted an amazing event in Philly, The AfroFuturistic Affair, which is a costume … Continue reading

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