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Escape from Beckyville Featured on The Book Look

The fab folks over at The Book Look were so kind to review Escape from Beckyville on their show. Love the special effects. Check out the video below, show them some love and leave a comment!

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S**t White Girls Say … to Black Girls

No white woman has ever told me my hair feels like Cheetos, but I can relate to most of the Becky behavior spoofed in Franchesca Ramsey’s video “S**t White Girls Say … to Black Girls.” It’s a provocative piece that … Continue reading

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The AfroFuturistic Affair: A Sci-Fi Novel Come to Life

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years, can’t even remember the last costume I donned. But I was looking forward to getting decked out in my fangirl finest for The AfroFuturistic Affair, a costume and charity ball celebrating African-American … Continue reading

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Black Women in Hollywood: Bumrushing the Old Boy Network

When was the last time you watched a critically acclaimed film starring a black woman as a ballerina, a queen or a boxer? Now raise your hand the last time you saw a movie where a black woman was lauded … Continue reading

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The Beckyville Book Trailer!

So now I’m an author, screenwriter and executive producer. Yay, me! A few weeks ago, Maurice Poplar of Poplar Productions shot the video trailer for my book, Escape from Beckyville: Tales of Race, Hair and Rage. Moe and I were … Continue reading

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