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Happy Women’s History Month!

Women by Alice Walker They were women then My mama’s generation Husky of voice—Stout of Step With fists as well as Hands How they battered down Doors And ironed Starched white Shirts How they led Armies Headragged Generals Across mined … Continue reading

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The State of Black Sci-Fi 2012: Why I Love Onyx Con

Last August, when my mother, Lola, and I packed up the Beckyville Bookmobile and pulled out of my garage in L.A. for a cross-country book tour, Onyx Con in Atlanta was supposed to be the final stop on our itinerary. … Continue reading

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Escape from Beckyville on Sale Now!

Initially, I wanted to offer a 30 percent discount on Escape from Beckyville at the beginning of Black History Month. I’m late, I know. Blame it on extreme CPT. Since February is half over, I’m extending the sale through Women’s … Continue reading

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Pipes Never Die: A Tribute to Whitney

The night before Whitney Houston died, I was skimming a gossip website when I happened on the headline “Whitney Houston is a Bloody Mess.” The accompanying pictures revealed a familiar scene — the singer was sweaty, disoriented, her wig tangled … Continue reading


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State of Black Scifi 2012: Giveaway Winners and Upcoming Projects

We’re four weeks into The State of Black Sci-Fi 2012 blog carnival, and I want to thank everyone who’s been contributing to such a great discussion. I’d also like to congratulate the winners of my Escape from Beckyville giveaway – … Continue reading

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