The Escape from Beckyville Tees Are Here!

Tis the season … to be playful!

For the past several months, many readers have asked where to purchase the Escape from Beckyville T-shirts. The supply I started with at the beginning of the journey has since been depleted, and it was hard finding a vendor I trusted so that I could offer the tees for sale. Well, the wait is over! The EFB tees are in, and they’re now available in three different colors: Rockstar Noir, Rockstar Iris and Lolita Heliotrope. I really dig the last shirt, because it brings to mind two of my favorites — my mother, Lola, and the color purple. Royalty.

Check them out when you get a chance. For the next few weeks, I’m having an introductory sale on the shirts as well as a discount on the book Escape from Beckvyille. I’d love for you to post a pic on my Facebook fan page rocking your new tee!

Click here to visit the Escape from Beckyville Boutique. I’m also offering 10 EFB Rewards Points (valued at $10) for every person you refer who makes a purchase!

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