Speaking from My Scars: Advice to Rihanna from an Abuse Survivor

After Rihanna and Chris Brown dropped their collabo for her song “Birthday Cake,” reaction from the Twitterverse, entertainment blogs and feminist sites was swift and often merciless. Commenters seemed to be divided into three factions: Those who believe the Bajan beauty is continuing a cycle of abuse and letting down her young fans, people who celebrate the reunion and say RiRi is her own woman, and #TeamBreezy fans who feel the “Turn up the Music” singer has served his time and deserves to be forgiven.

I’m still trying to process how I feel about this musical olive branch extended between the once-volatile songbirds. Part of me feels disappointed that Rihanna seems to be in collusion with the boyfriend she once feared enough to file a restraining order against. Another part of me wants to reserve judgment because I understand the incredible burden survivors of abuse carry. We’re considered stupid for letting our partners hit us in the first place, and even more idiotic for staying in the relationship.

Yes, I said we.

I’m a survivor of domestic violence.

Read the rest at Clutch Magazine.

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