The State of Black Sci-Fi 2012: Why I Love Onyx Con

Last August, when my mother, Lola, and I packed up the Beckyville Bookmobile and pulled out of my garage in L.A. for a cross-country book tour, Onyx Con in Atlanta was supposed to be the final stop on our itinerary. As a member of the Black Science Fiction Society, I’d been hearing about this convention for African-American writers of sci-fi, fantasy and comic books for some time. I’d never attended a convention before, had really just started to embrace the title of speculative fiction writer. Yet, I was intrigued by the chance to network with fellow scribes. One of my mentors from grad school, Tananarive Due, and her husband, the writer Steven Barnes, were among the featured speakers at the event. Knowing that Onyx Con was waiting for me on the opposite coast made the 3,000 mile journey a lot less lonely.

Founded by Joseph R. Wheeler III, Onyx Con was two eye-opening days of panels and exhibits. Even though there weren’t many women writers in attendance, I never felt out of place or as if I had crashed some secret order of warlocks. Many of the brothers came over to congratulate me on my book Escape from Beckyville or to marvel at my dainty purple chariot parked out front. One man, who said he’d heard about my journey through the Black Science Fiction Society, approached my vending table with a $10 bill in hand “for gas money.” I was truly touched by the kindness of strangers. More than that, I was uplifted by the novels and comic books on display with black faces emblazoned on the covers. It was a visible reminder of our shared quest for visibility in a white-male dominated industry, a way to flaunt our agency with swords and superpowers.

I never felt the jostle of competition at Onyx Con that you’d expect at a convention where folks are peddling their wares in a roomful of artists with similar products. The vibe was supportive, and people were quick to praise the work of others, whether it be a provocative logo, cover artwork or excerpt from a book. Young kids, as well as grandparents, flowed from table to table checking out the latest offerings in the world of black sci-fi. It made me smile to see the delight of these youthful visitors when they picked up a comic book with a hero who resembled their father, mother or even themselves.

One of the speakers at the event said something during his presentation that will forever resonate with me: “We are the superheroes we’ve been waiting for.” That statement means so much more than simply crafting characters in our image and endowing them with super strength, super knowledge and super prowess. It means creating the change we want to see with our words. It sometimes means self-publishing our work and taking it door to door, if need be, as a reminder that we have a voice, that we are people of vision, and our stories matter.

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Nicole Sconiers, Author — is an author and screenwriter living in the sunny jungle of L.A. She holds an MFA in creative writing from Antioch University Los Angeles, and she recently published Escape from Beckyville: Tales of Race, Hair and Rage. Visit her at: and

Jarvis Sheffield, M.Ed. — is owner and operator of, and Visit him at:

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