The Escape from Beckyville Message Boards Are Here!

Virtual book club, anyone? I’m pouring the (cyber) Riesling and Pinot Noir. You bring the convo.


I knew I was overdue for a community to discuss Escape from Beckyville. Lynda, a super talented artist I met in Philadelphia a few months ago, reminded me of this. She recently posted on my Facebook fan page that after reading several stories from the book, she longed to have a conversation with other readers in her area. A smattering of people from the City of Brotherly Love have purchased Escape from Beckyville, but I knew of no book club currently featuring it.

Lynda’s post reminded me of my main purpose for writing the book — to create a darkly comedic dystopia that examines the way women of color are marginalized for our hair, our anger and our relationships (or lack thereof). I loved the discussions in real life that took place at beauty salons, cultural centers and indie book stores across the nation. It made me realize that our voices matter and our stories need to be told. If we don’t tell them, who will?

Enter the message boards.

This isn’t the space to be all fawn-y over the book, but to foster kinship with other women of color and to have genuine, critical discussions about the issues that matter most to us.

For those who haven’t read Escape from Beckyville, there are also forums to discuss topics such as health and beauty, entertainment, relationships, travel and culture. My hope is to build a robust community where sisters can come in, kick off their shoes and vent, laugh or relax. A home away from home.

But no one has to clean up afterward.

Click here to join the Escape from Beckyville community! It’s free and takes, like, two seconds to sign up.

I’ll be waiting with my wine. Would love to see you there.


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