Lola and Nikki’s Excellent Adventures!

While I was in New Orleans a few weeks ago doing a book signing at Community Book Center, I prefaced my talk (as I do many of my readings) by chronicling the journey that brought me from L.A. to New York and back to the Left Coast again. I told the seven or so souls gathered at the store that I walked away from my job six months ago to publish Escape from Beckyville: Tales of Race, Hair and Rage. I spent four of those months on the road in a van I dubbed the “Beckyville Bookmobile,” traveling the country to spread the word about my project.

The proprietor, Mama Jennifer, listened with interest as I described the cities I visited with my mother and road dog, Lola. A silver-haired woman rocking a short natural, Mama Jennifer is a walking vault of wisdom. She said it’s one thing to discuss your travels, and it’s another to show them. Nuff said. The above video chronicles our four-month journey. I like to call it Lola and Nikki’s Excellent Adventures. I hope you’ll watch it, share it and be inspired to embark on your own adventure. And take plenty of pictures!

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