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Personal Alchemy: Transmuting Dreams into Reality

You never know what sands you’ll cross, what mountains you’ll climb, what oceans you’ll swim. On January 1, 2011, my main resolution was to travel more. I was eagerly finalizing the itinerary for a trip to New Zealand that I … Continue reading

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Delivering Some Good News about Escape from Beckyville!

When I was 11, I had a paper route, delivering The Times Herald in the Pennsylvania community of Whitpain Hills where I lived. It was my first job. I was excited about folding the stack of newspapers and placing the … Continue reading


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Lola and Nikki’s Excellent Adventures!

While I was in New Orleans a few weeks ago doing a book signing at Community Book Center, I prefaced my talk (as I do many of my readings) by chronicling the journey that brought me from L.A. to New … Continue reading

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Superficial Girlfriends, BFFs and Tending Gardens

“Ain’t no mountain, ain’t no sea/Maki-da-da/Keep my sister ‘way from me/Maki-da-da” –The Color Purple African-American lit has always informed my views of true friendship. Not that I didn’t have good homies in real life, but who could compete with Janie … Continue reading


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The Beckyville Chronicles: Returning Home

I’m typing this at my cousin Ranae’s dining room table in a snow-covered subdivision in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. Ranae bustles around her kitchen preparing Spanish rice, refried beans, cauliflower and broiled pork chops for our dinner. Her … Continue reading

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