The Single Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

The holiday season can be soul-crushing for many single women. If you’re chronically mateless — as I am — there’s nothing like walking into a house full of married folk and their kids to stir up feelings of anxiety and loneliness. Besides fielding the usual questions like “When are you tying the knot?” and “Don’t you want to have kids?” flying solo during a time commemorating family and togetherness can leave many singlelistas singing the blues.

But ’tis the season to celebrate you! Just because the holiday commercials and billboards aren’t exactly geared toward a family of one, doesn’t mean your Turkey Day, Christmukkah, Solstice or Kwanzaa can’t be fabulous and stress-free. You may decide to veg out on the sofa with a glass of wine to watch the game, or you may dinner-hop at the homes of your relatives and friends. If you choose to socialize, the following six tips can help you get over the single girl blahs to create a memorable holiday.

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