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Black Women in Hollywood: Bumrushing the Old Boy Network

When was the last time you watched a critically acclaimed film starring a black woman as a ballerina, a queen or a boxer? Now raise your hand the last time you saw a movie where a black woman was lauded … Continue reading

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The Beckyville Chronicles: Goal-Digger

Forgive the lame title. As I type this, I’m propped up in bed surrounded by a half-eaten bag of strawberry lozenges, a nebulizer and a wastebasket full of snot rags. Not exactly the best environment to spark creativity. But I’m … Continue reading


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What is “Good Hair”?

It seems that not a week goes by without a headline about black women’s hair. Recently, actor Isaiah Mustafa, also known as the Old Spice Guy, found himself entangled in controversy when he described his ideal wife as having “good hair.” Continue reading

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