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The AfroFuturistic Affair: A Sci-Fi Novel Come to Life

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years, can’t even remember the last costume I donned. But I was looking forward to getting decked out in my fangirl finest for The AfroFuturistic Affair, a costume and charity ball celebrating African-American … Continue reading

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The House on Spring Lane

I wrote this piece about five years ago, but a recent trip to my grandmother’s old house reminded me of how much I yearn for family and community. The house on Spring Lane was more than just a two-story brick-and-mortar … Continue reading


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The Beckyville Chronicles: The Cost of Cold Calling

When I was fifteen, I lied about my age on an application and got a job as a telemarketer. It was my first real job (if you don’t count my paper route when I was eleven), so I gladly picked … Continue reading


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The Beckyville Chronicles: Returning Home

Although I grew up in a former mill town in Southeastern Pennsylvania, I’ve always been a Cali girl at heart. Not simply because I love the ocean and warm weather – truth be told, I’m far from a beach bum … Continue reading


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The Beckyville Chronicles: The Diva of Delay

I’m not proud to admit that I’m a Procrastinator. With a capital P.  If putting things off was a superpower, I’d be somewhere in the pantheon kicking it with Spider-Man and Catwoman. The Diva of Delay. Not only do I … Continue reading

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