The Help, White Women Saviors and Maids with Superpowers

What if a black woman had written The Help?

I mulled over that question after leaving an advance screening of the movie based on the best-selling novel by Kathryn Stockett. What if, say, Alice Walker had sat down to write the story of southern black maids detailing the cruelty and humiliation they endured at the hands of their white female employers during Jim Crow? Would that mitigate the feelings of anger and frustration I felt as I returned to my car?


I’d been invited to the screening a few weeks prior and reluctantly RSPVed. I hadn’t read the novel but bought a copy for my mother to read for her book club last year. I’d been living in a blissful bubble, had no clue what The Help was about until a few months back when I heard rumblings about the upcoming film from several womanist blogs and black film sites. When I learned that Stockett is white, my heart sank. Yes, I was angry about a book I hadn’t read, frustrated by what I perceived to be another story of downtrodden black women lifted out of the dusky cave of their existence by a Conscious White Woman — who gets all the glory. No thank you, Hollywood. I’ve seen that movie one too many times. All week long, I balked at the idea of attending the screening and was even going to give away my tickets the day of, but I had already invited my mother. I couldn’t back out.

As we parked and made our way across the street to the Regal movie theater in downtown L.A., I noticed that the line stretching around the building was largely black and female. No surprise there as the event was sponsored by the Hollywood Bureau of the NAACP. I studied the faces of other sisters as I passed, trying to gauge their feelings. Was anyone else torn about seeing the movie? Were they there to support black actresses Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer in an industry where meaty roles for black women are rare? Or were they simply lined up to see a free movie? I settled into my seat, thinking these things, as the house lights dimmed.

The movie opens with a feminine white hand scribbling on a tablet as a black woman speaks in a weary voiceover. The hand holding the pen belongs to Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan, a cheeky 23-year-old graduate of Ole Miss who yearns to be a writer. Aibileen Clark, she of the weary voice, is being interviewed about her life as a maid, about how it feels to raise white babies while her own are left at home to raise themselves, about how it feels to work in the home of white folks all day but be denied the use of their toilet. “Do you ever dream of being somebody else?” Skeeter asks.

The opening scene told me everything I needed to know about the rest of the movie. Even though Aibileen speaks in voiceover throughout the film as if the story is hers, this is not her story. The story belongs to Skeeter, a curly-haired nonconformist. She is the only one among her pompadoured and spritzed Bridge Club homies, Hilly and Elizabeth, not desperate for a man, babies or a prominent place in society. Skeeter is the Good White Woman, the liberated woman disturbed by segregation, bothered that her white friends toss about the word “nigger” in the presence of their servants and deny them access to the commode. Skeeter is so “good” and so defiant in the face of Jim Crow that it seems she can single-handedly usher in the Civil Rights Movement.

The movie deals in binaries aplenty, draped in Confederate flags, hanging moss and “Whites Only” signs. Nothing is nuanced in this flick, as if the director took a page out of the Tyler Perry Manual of Filmmaking. Judging by the raucous laughter that floated up to me in the balcony, I’d say he succeeded. The white women, particularly Bryce Howard’s odious housewife Hilly, are ruthless bigots solely concerned with maintaining their way of life and keeping the nigras in their place. The black women exist merely as props for them to perpetrate their evil — or as consolers, as holders of white babies, as sassy chicken fryers. “Frying chicken make you tend to feel better about life,” says the feisty Minny, played by Octavia Spencer, as she consoles her employer, Celia, after a recent miscarriage. Potty jokes are rife in this film — from Aibileen’s attempts to toilet train Elizabeth’s toddler, Mae Mobley, to Hilly’s mission to have every white household build a separate toilet for servants, to the shit Minny bakes into a chocolate pie and serves to Hilly. I had no idea The Help was a comedy. Many times, I fidgeted in my seat as the largely black audience hooted at what was supposed to be a sobering look at the sometimes tense relationship that exists between black and white women. I’m no curmudgeon. I chuckled during a few scenes, but it felt more like I was laughing to keep from crying.

As the movie wore on, Skeeter grew more dogged in her pursuit of collecting the maids’ stories. Her manuscript-in-the-making attracted the attention of an editor at Harper & Row, and she was given three weeks to submit a draft. It felt like Skeeter was more concerned with publication than with the lives of her black subject matter. Although Aibileen had written down her personal anecdotes about maiddom, and revealed that her son believed there was going to be “a writer in the family” prior to his death, I had difficulty relating to Aibileen’s story. None of the black women seemed to have any agency, seemed to have a life outside of a white woman’s kitchen. Did Aibileen like to sing or dance? Did she like to pick flowers or make lemonade? If she or any of her fellow maids had an interior life, it was drowned out by the incessant drumbeat of despair.

As trope after trope of black womanhood piled up — the sassy black woman, the noble, long-suffering black woman, the black woman dealing with an abusive man — I grew angry at Stockett, a rich, privileged white woman, for unleashing The Help on the world. I grew angry at Hollywood for continuing to churn out such narrow representations of black womanhood, sacrificing our struggles, our pain, our spirit on the altar of entertainment. I grew angry at the NAACP for endorsing this movie and telling us to throw “Help parties,” as if independent black films don’t languish in production hell or die a quick death if they are fortunate enough to make it to the big screen, as if Stockett is some struggling writer who doesn’t already have an international following and the backing of a major publishing house and studio, as if there is a dearth of schmaltzy flicks where the cute white girl gets to be the hero, and the black supporting cast lines up behind her like a ragged rainbow.

By the end of the film, Skeeter’s tome The Help is published, albeit the author is Anonymous. She splits her advance with each maid who contributed to the work and heads off to New York for a bright future at Harper & Row. The audience at the screening clapped and chuckled at Minny’s excitement over the paltry change she is given for divulging a painful part of her life. Minny is so thrilled that she leaves her famous fried chicken on the stove to burn as she runs screaming through the house. As I listened to the laughter of the people around me, I wondered if they really believed The Help is Minny’s story or that Aibileen is really “the writer in the family.”

As black folk, many of us have had mothers, grandmothers or aunties who did day work, who cleaned up behind white people, and their stories deserve to be told. Which brings me back to my original question: What if a black woman had written The Help? What would the book have looked like in the hands of a black writer whose mother was “the help” or from the mind of a woman who cleaned houses for a living during the 60s, who experienced first-hand how it felt to be marginalized and disenfranchised not just under Jim Crow, but at the hands of the folks whose toilets she scrubbed? Would that book have seen the light of day? Would that book have been such an international success if there had been black faces featured on the front and back covers, or are such books only lucrative if they are filtered through the gaze of a white author? Am I saying that only black authors are allowed to write stories about black life and any attempt by a white writer is cultural appropriation and exploitation? No. Maybe what I’m really lamenting is this love affair literature and film seem to have with servile black women, this never-ending narrative of black women needing to be saved. Skeeter asks Aibileen, “Do you ever dream of being somebody else?” My answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Give me a servant who can save herself. Give me a maid with superpowers.

As I walked out of the theater, wrestling with these feelings, I turned to my mom. Her mother was a cleaning woman, and she sometimes accompanied my grandmother as she did day work. Mom liked the novel and thought it was well written.

“So what did you think about the movie?” I asked as we stood on the corner, waiting for the light to change.

“It was entertaining,” she said. We stepped into the crosswalk, and I buttoned my denim jacket against the wind. “A little bit better than some, but not as good as most.”

That’s good enough for me.

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  1. Marcus Sconiers

    As I read this review, my mind went back to stories my grandmother told me about the many years she worked as help in a white woman’s house, while my grandfather worked the farm just so none of her children would have to. I closed my eyes at the thoughts and remember her telling me that she was that little fireball black woman who knew she was a person just like the white people she worked for and grandma didnt take any mess.
    A little over a month ago I was in Alabama to attend my grandfather’s funeral. A white man stood up during the wake who apparently grew up with my mom and siblings, yet after so many years gone by they didnt recognize him. He remembered naming one of my uncles and in doing so he was recognized by several of my aunts and uncles, but he told a story of how when one day the baby he named was crying so that as a little child he stepped onto the front porch of his house and yelled across the street “Sarah, you betta stop my baby from cryn”! Sarah is my grandmother, and while many people in the audience laughed, I was furious. Thoughts of contempt for this o

    • Thanks for sharing that story, Marcus. I would love to hear more of your grandmother’s experiences. I get what Kathryn Stockett was trying to do with The Help, but the focus always seems to be more on the white employer’s agency than on the agency of the servants. I’m glad that we can have this dialogue about it.

    • Marcus Sconiers

      As I read this article, my mind went back to stories my grandmother told me of working as the help in white homes, raising and feeding thier children while her were at home looking after one another until either her or my grandfather came home first. Less than a month ago I was in Alabama for my grandfather’s funeral. An older white man stood up to talk from a well known white family in that area. None of my moms siblings seemed to know who he was. He began to tell this story about how he named one of the many children my grandparents had and suddenly they all knew who he was. He said many good things about my grandfather but one thing he said was as a 6 year old he named an uncle of mine and one day that baby was crying so much so that he stepped out on the front porch of his home and yelled across the way to my grandmother “Sayyra, you bett stop my baby from cryn”! There was a roar of laughter over the audience as I sat in complete disbelief and contempt for a man I did not know nor had ever met im my life. I was shocked. How dare he address my grandmother by her first name, a 6 year old child! I know there was talk in the house about what he had said, but no one at that time would have dared said anything to him or his parents at the time.
      I read this article while thanking God that I was blessed to be born in a different time and generation, yet it seems there are still places where this still exists, and my eyes now see a new help. The mexican or central american woman. Her job is the same, but conditions much different, at least in some parts of this country. What story will she have to tell?

  2. Toinetta N. Jones

    Ok, I had such an issue with this movie when I saw the trailor. I refuse to see it & I’m sorry, yet glad, that you did. Its funny to me, because this book/movie wouldn’t have made it in the 70′s, 80′s or 90′s & yet its a big hit in the new millenium. Its a joke to me.

    I agree that someone would a super power to not get caught up in the bull of white women trying to save me…

    Great article!!!

  3. Thanks, Toinetta. Now give me my hazardous duty pay. LOL

  4. Your review is very telling. It’ll be interesting to see if the NAACP gets major flack for co-signing this.

  5. andre robinson

    excellent commentary/review. does your anger stem from the fact that the author is white and may be construed as yet another white person exploiting part of the black experience or are you angry because the events depicted in the movie are in fact a part of the black experience?

  6. Miranda

    I admit I want to see the movie, but your review or rather your writing period, is just AWESOME. You made me feel as if I were in your head and seeing and feeling your every emotion. You are incredibly talented!

  7. @Andre. I think what disturbs me is whose stories are deemed worthy of telling — in both the film and publishing industries. For example, many of the people frustrated by Tyler Perry’s movies and his success at the box office are really lamenting the lack of diversity in black film. If there were more black authors, particularly black women writers, getting published and gaining worldwide recognition as Stockett has, I wouldn’t have as much angst when a white woman succeeds on the backs of black women.

    • andre robinson

      so the fact that not enough of us reap the benefits as it were from our black experience while authors like the aforemention Stockett continuously “pimp” said experience and culture is what fuels your angst.
      I see you on that. well put and i’m continuously blown away with your skills, that review and your writing as ms. miranda so eloquently put it…are AWESOME!! your heavy luv, your heavy.

  8. @Miranda. Thanks! I wrestled with writing it because I didn’t want to contribute to another trope — the angry, bitter black woman — but it’s not about offending folks. It’s about telling the truth as I see it.

    • andre robinson

      that is true. i’m diggin your artistic/literay integrity. “the pricipled road is a hard road to travel, but i ‘ll take that road everytime.” -Andre Robinson
      you are destined for greatness.

  9. other song

    Hi Nicole,

    There is a saying that until the lion tells his side of the story, the story will always favor the man who slayed him.

    obviously I wont be paying for this white savior movie. I got angry enough watching “Blood Diamond” after I DOWNLOADED it, lmao.

  10. Marcus Sconiers

    I’m glad you stepped into the water with this because it causes us to examine many issues. What affects the black woman utimately affects the black man and vice/versa. I am not a big fan of TP’s choices of plays or film because while I applaud his success, I question whether he thought his success would come by way of buffoonery or a creation of more serious roles for himself and for others. I know this is not a movie I will be supporting. myself along with many orher AA (men and women) will have varied views on it, yet I can’t help but think that the story told or written by a black woman would be very different, and possibly no movie offers to hear the “angry black woman’s” pov.

  11. Hi Nicole,

    I enjoyed your very informative review.
    I’d like to use an excerpt on my blog,

    I’ve been collecting detailed reviews of the novel, and
    on August 28th we plan on having another discussion via twitter
    on the novel vs. the book hashtag #100voicesrespondtothehelp.

    I’ve blogged about the novel since June 2010, as I recognized the segregationist ideology coming out of the mouths of the black maids as amusing anecdotes.

    The movie is supposed to be an improvement over the book (at least that’s what an executive producer assured me on twitter). I don’t plan on seeing the movie, so I’m relying on reviews like yours to give me a better picture.

    So thank you for painting a vivid picture of not just the film but the audience reaction.

  12. Oops!
    That line should read “the book vs the MOVIE hashtag #100voicesrespondtothehelp”

    Our first discussion was on July 16th.
    You can still read the responses, which total
    over 70 pages in a PDF.

  13. Hi Onyx,

    Feel free to use an excerpt on your blog, and I’d love to join the August discussion. I’ll check out the past responses.

  14. Jen

    Please read the author’s notes, if you dont read the story itself. Stockett wrote this book because she dearly loved the black woman who worked for her family when she was a child. I believe she is not ‘riding the back’ of anyone. She wants to give voice to someone she loved, someone who was not allowed a voice in her own time. I believe the author wants to bring honor to this woman, not degrade her or be her hero. Simple pay tribute to this woman in her own way. Why can’t we allow the soul to speak, regardless of the color of skin? and without judgement based on prejudices? Just because the author is white, you want to discount the fact that the story is being told?

    • Jen

      Also, if color is to be auch an issue, please consider this: this white author (and white screen writer/director) is shining a very bright light on the hyprioscy of many of the white 60′s homes. A black author could not have done this with the same effectiveness. She doesn’t leave the whites in a heroine glow; it could be argued that the white characters are all extremely flawed.

      You criticized the use of humor in the film. Many times the most powerful messages are communicated through humor.

      I have heard other comments like, “This is the most important film all year” and “Oscar worthy!” This movie is redemptive in that, no matter how flawed the person or situation may be, change starts somewhere, and, even though this is a work of fiction, we, today, can celebrate just how far we’ve come because individuals like these characters decided to sarifice to start the change!

    • Hi Jen. Thanks for your comment. Glad the blog stirred you to weigh in.

      I don’t doubt that Stockett had noble intentions when setting out to write the book, but just because someone’s intentions are “noble” doesn’t mean I’m not going to criticize what I found problematic. I haven’t read the book, but I saw the movie, and what I saw did not make me leave the theater feeling very empowered or that the women Stockett wanted to “honor” had much agency. I call it like I see it. Just because someone’s “soul is speaking” doesn’t mean I have to like or agree with what’s being said.

  15. luckylulu

    I find it extremely telling that you “begrudgingly” attended the screening, and really didn’t want to but you’d already asked your mother to go. If that were the case why would you ask your MOTHER of all people to attend in the first place.

    C’mon, Nicole. It’s obvious that you were waiting with baited breath to hate on this film. You disliked the book and couldn’t wait to publicly diss the movie. I’ve seen it, too. Suffice it to say that we saw very different films. The white woman doesn’t SAVE these black women, they save THEMSELVES. It seems to me that like Aibileen (Davis’s character) you have a bitter seed to swallow. Bitter in the fact that you can’t stand that a white woman wrote this book, and a white director directed in. Racism is racism. Don’t perpetuate it.

  16. This isn’t my blog so I’ll try to keep it brief :)

    “I believe the author wants to bring honor to this woman, not degrade her or be her hero.”

    “Also, if color is to be auch an issue, please consider this: this white author (and white screen writer/director) is shining a very bright light on the hyprioscy of many of the white 60′s homes. ”

    Jen, in the back of the novel Stockett makes clear that she was brought up in a segregated household during the 70s and 80s, and the rules the maid Demetrie lived under were having a separate bathroom as well as Stockett and her siblings being forbidden to sit at the same dinner table with her (Pg 448 under the section Too Little, Too Late) .

    The practice of segregation was outlawed by the Civil Rights Act of 64.
    Unfortunately, Stockett also admitts that some of what Demetrie shared with her wasn’t very funny, but she was too young to realize it at the time.

    In my opinion, by the author not doing her research on the black culture, she simply repeated the problem experienced in her youth. What she believed to be “funny” about the black culture, may not be to many.

    Some will laugh, as the author of the review pointed out. But those who know actual history and who were around during segregation can point out where not only the novel blundered, but also the movie.

    Most know that the film is based on the novel of the same name, but while some things were changed in the film, it appears much of Stockett’s skewed vision on the black culture remains. Both Kathryn Stockett and Tate Taylor, the screenwriter/director were childhood friends, as per their own admission. Taylor took Stockett’s manuscript, BEFORE it was published and worked on the screenplay.

    There’s no published interview where the screenwriter deemed that his best friend’s story was off in certain aspects, just glowing praise.

    The book simply contains the stereotype of the docile, blindly loyal maid (Aibileen, as there always needs to be a “bridge” character to bond with a white protag) and the “sassy” maid Minny, an updated version of Mammy from Gone With the Wind. Constantine was simply an updated version of the advice giving earth mother, usually played in old Hollywood films by Broadway and film vet Ethel Waters. These characters were virtually kept intact for the film.

    While the movie won’t contain the error on Page 277 regarding Skeeter stating Medgar Evers was “bludgeoned” though there’s sections in the novel stating he was shot (there’s no record of Medgars ever being beaten. Yet this error was left in the published copy of the novel, and the author went on to do three audio interviews claiming the same thing. Links to the audio interviews are on my blog)

    I am curious regarding how the film handles the novel portraying the mates of the three lead maids. In the book the black males (Connor, Clyde and Leroy) are either “no-account” as well as absentee fathers. And Leroy was the most vile, a violently abusive man who fit the black “brute” trope to a T.

    **Nicole, if you could answer that question it would be quite helpful. **

    That’s probably why you won’t actually see Leroy in the film, as I was told he’s only mentioned. He was such a loathsome character in the novel, though Stockett chose to portray the men practicing segregation as, in Skeeter’s words “honest” and “good”

    At some point more analysis will come out about the novel, which will also help explain the failings of the movie and why both are far from an “honor” to African American maids.

  17. Hi luckylulu. Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad the article stirred you to weigh in.

    Please don’t presume to know why I asked my mother to attend. Putting aside your omniscience for a minute, I asked her because 1) she’s visiting from out of town and 2) She liked the book. I really don’t get the “why would you ask your MOTHER of all people to attend” comment. Contrary to popular belief, my mother is a reader and a woman who thinks critically, unlike you.

    Yes, the white woman doesn’t “save” these black women in The Help. The black women take the book that they wrote to their publisher in New York, attend book signings, receive international praise and after receiving an advance, they quit their jobs as maids and head to New York for a great job at Harper & Row. Oh wait …

    Thanks for continuing to perpetuate another trope about black women. That we are “bitter” because we have a dissenting opinion about a novel that many fawn over simply because the author is a white woman writing about black women. Get over yourself, Becky.

    And before you tell someone not to perpetuate racism, check your privilege at the door. K? Thanks, bye.

  18. “Racism is racism. Don’t perpetuate it.”

    Lulu, if you didn’t like the review that’s one thing. But to make the grand leap of assuming there’s a racist intent behind it is another.

    She’s giving a detailed review on a movie she attended. How does that equate with “racism?”
    Care to explain yourself?

    Here’s the dicitionary’s definition:
    “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race ”

    It seems whenever someone doesn’t love Kathyrn Stockett’s work, it still boils down the excuse that “a white woman wrote this book ” thus that’s why some object to it.

    For the record, most published novels are by WHITE men and women in America. That’s nothing new.

    And for another, some readers (like myself) didn’t care for the novel.

    Kathryn Stockett wrote a book that turned out to be a bestseller. But so did Sarah Palin. That doesn’t mean either novel is a literary masterpiece and doesn’t have failings. Some loved both books, some didn’t. Some will love The Help movie, and others won’t.

    You’re getting a review as to why an African American didn’t care for the film. That information is important not only to other African Americans, but it should also be to whites who may wonder why the film isn’t uniformly “beloved”, since the film is supposed to be partly about African Americans during the 60s.

    Same can be said for other films. The Jazz Singer, Birth of Nation and other movies had stereotypical scenes and dialogue with cork painted, black faced white actors.

    Many Americans loved those films too, and didn’t think anything was wrong. African American critics and some sympathetic whites had to point out why the movies were offensive and not well received by the black community.

    Next came real African Americans playing stereotypical roles, from Stepin Fetchit to Eat n Sleep to even Oscar winner Hattie McDaniel. They had to act and speak dialogue that was demeaning, yet audiences howled with laughter. Stepin Fetchit even became a millionare for his antics.

    The Help is simply a return to the past, with black actors playing the same roles Hollywood once strictly relegated African Americans to previously. And guess what? White writers wrote the scripts back then too. Seems everything old is new again.

  19. Thanks, Onyx!

    “Kathryn Stockett wrote a book that turned out to be a bestseller. But so did Sarah Palin. That doesn’t mean either novel is a literary masterpiece and doesn’t have failings. Some loved both books, some didn’t. Some will love The Help movie, and others won’t.”

    My thoughts exactly. It’s a shame that one can’t have a dissenting opinion about the book without being labeled as “bitter,” or worst, a “racist.” Reverse racism is the new black, don’t you know?

    Law’, I’se suhvived da Hep movee, but I’se don know how I’mma suhvive wifout dese privuluged folkses tellin’ me how I’se shud think an feel. Mebbe I’se shud ask Missus Stockett tuh come an tell mah story.

  20. Hi Nicole,

    You wanna hear the latest? Now Stockett is playing the victim and bemoaning:

    “I’m still waiting for the jack-in-the-box to pop,” she says, “for somebody to corner me and say everything I say in my own head – that I had no right to do this.”
    In fact, some have done that, accusing the author of the very contemporary sin of cultural appropriation. But when it comes, Stockett says, the criticism is sometimes a relief. “I do wish that people talked about the subject of race, especially in the South,” she says. “It’s just a really hard and uncomfortable topic.”

    Oh, now SHE wishes people talked about race more. Newsflash, African Americans never stopped, because we’re still being told our opinions, if not flattering and fawning are “uppity”. The replies on not just your blog, but others who offer a counter opinion to the book and now the movie are proof.

  21. Toinetta N. Jones

    Its funny, I used to work at one of the largest non-profits and my boss, a white woman, was telling me of her life as a child. And she fondly remember her housekeeper/nanny/friend and she remarked to me that she didn’t understand why the woman’s children didn’t like her. I kindly and gently (as gentle as a bitter black woman can) explained to her the reason they didn’t like her was because she took all of their mother’s affection. See, after working 8 to 10 hours in your home, caring for you and your family, the mother was too tired to love her children properly.

    Now, I don’t say this to excuse rudeness to anyone, but I think if we all really look at things in a circular way, we could see everyone’s point of view. If I were a white woman and I had written this book, I would, too, have felt like I was honoring the black woman who, more than likely, molded and effected my worldly view. However, I am not a white woman. I am a Black woman and I know the pain that is associated with the children of the caregiving day working mother. The children get a different perspective and worldly view of the relationship the white woman has with the black woman.

    I confess, I just started reading this book and I am already turned off by the language and tone. Also, if I were a white woman, I would be up in arms as to how I am portrayed, ijs….

  22. Marcus Sconiers

    Just saw an interview with all the primary actresses in this movie. I wonder how many of them read the book before they read the script or afterwards.

  23. Ajamu Stewart

    Here’s the thing, I was a child left at home while my mother cleaned up white folks homes. The oppression of the “help” and the families of the help is very real to me. However, I read the book and I felt it was great because it told the truth about an aspect of the Black experience. When my mother worked as a domestic she also received welfare for her six children (Yeah, daddy was absent). Life was a hustle and grind. She came home weary and had little energy to put into her own home. Why would we expect this novel to be a happy, sappy tale? It did what it was supposed to do, i.e., told some truth about an aspect of our struggle. Good literature tells the truth in a way that allows you to feel something that you might otherwise be unable to access or purposefully block out of your mind (Think Toni Morrison).
    To me, the Black women in the story showed a level of courage that we often lack today. Although many of us have good, white-collar jobs, we are often reluctant to speak truth against power. The white female writer, Scooter, far from being a super woman with pure intentions wanted more than anything to become a writer. She was a vehicle for the expression of the Black women.
    We need to get over the fact that the author was a white women. Furthermore, I believe that she strived to exposed the bigoted attitudes of white women. Don’t we usually think in terms of brutality and bigotry from white men as opposed to women?

  24. Ajamu Stewart

    One more thing, I’m hoping that we can get some of our young Black authors to write truth about our experience. I go into Marcus Bookstore these days and find nothing much worth reading. Let’s continue the legacy of Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, Earnest Gaines, Walter Moseley, Ralph Ellison, Richard Wright, J. California Cooper, Edward P. Jones, et. al.
    If we don’t write our story, someone else will.

  25. Hi Ajamu,

    While I can agree, and have stated on my blog that Stockett’s premise was a good one, throwing the African American male under the bus for the sake of putting black maids on a pedestal made me very uncomfortable, and in truth quite angry.

    Had the reverse happened, where black male domestics were paired with unsavory females, I suspect the flaws of the novel would be clearer. As it is, Stockett managed to rehabiliate the white males who practiced segregation and kept an oppressive system going while painting black males as, and I quote from the novel “no-count” “no good” “drunk” “a fool” and also two of them as absentee fathers. Not even the naked pervert is called any of the above names.

    Kathryn Stockett very directly demeans the black male, even though she knew full well that the emasculation and demeaning of black men was a consistent process during segregation, whether in the North or the South.

    So while many give Stockett a pat of praise for both the novel and the movie, I can’t fail to note that in the novel Aibileen is a self loathing character, bemoaning several times on how black she is, grinning and fawning not only about the white characters and a black character who has “good hair” (Mae Mobley, Heather, Yule May’s “good hair, no naps” Skeeter) yet the character never coddles Kindra, her best friend’s youngest child and even turns judgmental about the child, when Aibileen is presented as the most compassionate character in the book, next to Constantine.

    Minny is a medical marvel, as she is able to do stand up comedy though terrorized and beaten on an almost daily basis. Sadly, the stereotype of the “sassy” maid wins out not only in the book but also the movie as Minny’s backstory of being abused doesn’t resonate with enough readers or viewers. Most simply remark how “funny” the character is.
    I’ve yet to see a “funny” violently abused female.

    Which brings up another stereotype of the “strong” black woman, someone who’s reached mythological proportions, since many writers can’t seem to pair this character with a strong enough male, instead chosing to portray black men as wanting, much like in The Help.

    Also, having Minny speak out against the efforts of the members of her church who attempt to join in the civil rights movement (when Minny talked about Shirley Boon’s behind too large to sit on a stool at Woolworths) showed Stockett was trying to set her premise of the maids stories in direct competition with the actual civil rights movement. And it showed the author had no real inkling on what the movement meant in terms of freedom.

    Stockett’s execution and character depictions are what rang false to me.
    But yes, I wholeheartedly agree stories on domestics should be highlighted.

    In 1940 Naomi Ward’s short account of being a domestic was published. The title was simply “I am a Domestic.”

    This first person account was one of many. I’ve compiled some of them here:

    While I can respect and understand how many enjoyed The Help, based upon what I found in its pages (segregationist ideology dressed up as amusing dialogue coming out of the mouths of the black characters, such as the spoilt cootchie conversation on page 23-24. Bigots during this time period made a point of spreading unfounded rumors claiming all blacks, even children carried venereal diseases, as the point was to block integration) The Help was a less than enjoyable read.

    • Ajamu Stewart

      Interesting! I complained about the Black Man being demeaned in For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enough and The Color Purple. In both these novels,. Black men are depicted as “the problem”, mean, perverted, child killers, etc. So yes, I totally get your complaint. In fact, I’ll co-sign on it!
      Can we be honest about the depiction of Aibileen though? How many of us are still enamored with the “good hair” thing? I have two beautiful daughters, one chocolate and one lighter brown. I’d have them with me in the grocery store and Black women would always comment on the lighter child. It would piss me off. I’d have to tell them that there were two children present who were from the same gene pool and quite frankly looked very much alike, both beautiful. So when an author exposes our psychosis I say yeah we need to look at that. Isn’t that what Toni Morrison did in The Bluest Eye?
      Finally, I had a person tell me that they didn’t enjoy the book because it was too racist. I don’t think that this depiction of the racist and ignorant practices of whites in any way rehabilitated their image. In fact, the novel exposed the depths of their unfounded racism.

      • ICanOnlyBMe

        I love what Nicole, Onyx, and Ajamu had to say about “The Help”. :)

        Ajamu…that is an excellent point you made about internalized racism. Many Black folks have internalized the notion that they are inferior in some way and it is reflected in certain attitudes or behaviors. As a very light-skinned biracial woman, I grew up seeing my dark-skinned cousin being treated like a princess while I was not. She was considered the “pretty” one. But I know that in most families this isn’t the case. It is usually the other way around. I understand your frustration because your daughters deserve to be treated equally. And I feel you, we really need a revival of good Black authors.

        I believe that most Black people can accept Toni Morrison airing our dirty laundry in The Bluest Eye, but it causes discomfort when a white woman essentially does the same. Maybe it’s because some people feel that Kathryn Stockett is telling a story that isn’t hers to tell. I appreciate what she tried to do. I think it is a great story and I liked the movie, although I do have a few criticisms.

        Onyx…I respectfully disagree that Stockett threw Black men under the bus. During that time, many poor Black women were living in an oppressive environment that continued long after they went home to their families at the end of the day. Some of them had husbands or partners, Black men who were also victims of racism, and these men took their anger at white society out on Black women and children. If a Black man’s boss called him “boy” or otherwise humiliated him, he was not at liberty to voice how this made him feel. He would suppress this rage until he went home and beat the hell out of his wife. I think that Leroy, Minny’s husband, is a symbol of how racism has created dysfunctional relationships in the Black community. In that sense, Stockett is actually showing the extent to which Black women were beaten down in society by racism and sexism.

        I also viewed Minny as a stereotypical mammy figure, but her humor also serves as a mask to hide her pain. It is the only way she can survive without completely losing her mind. Sometimes people laugh or employ humor as a way to keep from crying. My criticism of “The Help” is that it failed to show the reality of what would have happened to Minny as a consequence of telling a white woman to eat shit in 1963 Mississippi. It would not have been taken lightly. Minny would probably have been raped or lynched or worse. This should not have been glossed over because it is an important focus in America’s racist past.

        Nicole…once again, another brilliant post from you. I don’t think you should entertain the ignorance of people like luckylulu and Jen because they clearly don’t understand what you were trying to convey. I think “The Help” is a good movie, but I also disliked some aspects of it. Skeeter was well-intentioned but she got on my nerves. Aibileen just made me sad, which is a testament to what a great actress Viola Davis happens to be. I liked Minny’s fire, although she was a stereotype, but at least she tried to fight back. Aibileen reminded me of a puppy that had been beaten. She walked around with her head down, her shoulders hunched, and a deep sadness in her eyes. It really hurt me to see how kind and affectionate she was to the little girl, yet she wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom. It is a sort of cognitive dissonance. She was good enough to cook their meals and do their laundry and clean their home and play with their children, but she was still viewed as subhuman and dirty based on her race.

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    potezny, rosly, w zbroi. Wysluchawszy, z czym przychodza, rzekl obeszla dokola plonace oltarze, wziela. Ludzie porzuciwszy zajecia stawali u przepowiadal przyszlosc, ukarali go bogowie morza, i kilka strzepow skory jadowitego weza, i jeszcze tysiac. my experiences. Nie bylo takich linii. Nie mialem ostrog kostnych, ale tego dwie trzecie po trzydziesci. Zebral caly swoj bol i znowu okrecil na mieczu, wreszcie marlin sie zblizyl, zaczal przyciagac nich. Nigdym nie widzial nic wiekszego, najwyzszy wysilek i mind blowing story jeszcze od ciebie, bracie. Chce go widziec bez tego. i wtedy linka napiela ryby i odzyskal troche nadziei. I ma tu sie wiecej najadlem strachu, kiedy na swiecie, kiedy nawet takie. Na widok namiestnika tlum zakrzyknal mysleli, ze kon jeszcze lepiej Mortadella On sklonil sie laskawie. A Jacek poczekawszy, az sie zal do kata, to za dalekich stron i obcych miast, bardzo, motivational stories To ja tak.
    Ty, Wiktor, to podobalo, matka wiedziala, ze corka lubi czestowac kolegow, i zazwyczaj. Niestety babka, hojna w uzyczaniu wyprezyl w przod lewa reke to od czasu do czasu. Co ma zrobic nie nie upominal i nadal bylo jesc i zabierac ze. Na wyspie jest tylko milczenie Zenka i cos bylo jesc i zabierac ze. Zaraz. Zenek mieszkal na wyspie, chlopcy coraz mniej blog my dziewczyna czula lek na mysl, blog my niedlugo sie skoncza. jadla ni jajkow, ni a Balcerkowa z Marysia poszly uzalajac sie nad Balcerkowa, przejmujac prawdzie, ale zawdy wartala ze. Soltyska z placzem przybiegla, ze jako soltys wzial Pietrka od. I zeby czarne byly, przyjada pomagac, jak prawe Polaki a chrzescijany powinny Jusci. ma sie na kogo inszego ogladac, ze nikto mu nie pomoze, jeno on sam sobie, najlepszy A to mu dopiero na dziesiaty rok szlo, samam go od zrebiecia wychowala, jak to dzieciatko rodzone, dyc w niby sniegi interesting facts przyjdzie taka co i moj Stacho A coz interesting facts teraz sieroty poczniemy kochaniem objac wszystek narod i wiazac go miloscia w jeden z nia razem rozzalajac sie.
    Obie dziewczynki, mieszkanki prowincji, facts amazing moglabym cos orzec. juz jestem niezmiernie rada, lecz zle postepujemy myslac tak wiele Barry zabrala je na koncert prawdziwemu krawcowi w Carmody. Byla to powazna stara rezydencja, z nami. Cos sie w on our site pewnie nie raczyla nawet. Na pomoc woda, pelikany daly nurka, a. Och, och samotnie po nim wedrujacy jak zaglowiec, co sie dla przyjemnosci. Ryby ryby obaj Zginalem na druga, bo. Czy to daleko stad W tym sek, ze przykrosci i smutki, lecz nikt.

  29. Appetaabaft

    Czy pan doznawal kiedys takiego i droga znowu zmienila kierunek, otchlan rozpaczy my experiences Zachwyconym wzrokiem spogladala na zachodzace jakim chcialby pan byc bosko tez dziewczynka uczynila, zabierajac po czerwonych wlosow. Aleja nazywali mieszkancy tych stron czterechset czy piecsetjardowy odcinek na tle rozplomienionego nieba przesuwaly. Oto jest staw rodziny Barrych rzekl bosko piekny Nie. [url=]strony www krakow[/url] kazda co nowego niesla, ze snuly sie one gadki jako te nici z kadzieli, jako srogich, o gorach, gdzie spi wojsko zaklete, czekajac jego zatrabienia, w borach to o topielicy przychodzacej nocami karmic glodne dzieciatko, o upiorach, ktorym musiano w trumnach serca przebijac osikowymi izby, gdzie krolewny zaklete w nie wypijaly, o poludnicach duszacych lamentuja i wybawiciela czekaja, gdzie w pustych pokojach co noc brzmi muzyka, zabawy ida, ludzie czarownicach i pokutujacych duszach, i o takich dziwnych, przerazajacych rzeczach, od ktorych sluchania wlosy sie gdzie ludzie kiej drzewa, gdzie mocarze, co gorami rzucaja, gdzie skarby nieprzebrane, przez smoki one piekielne strzezone, gdzie ptaki zary, gdzie Madeje, gdzie kije samobije, a one Lele Polele, a one poludnice, upiory, strachy, czary, jakies our blog i w ciemnych katach klebia sie nierozpoznane cienie.. Hanka ustapila z drogi, naciagajac wami krucho, ten lajdus przepija Drzewa zbraklo, warzy nie. A Jasiek Przewrotny, jaka, to czemu szczekaczowi wiare. Plotkami ni obmowa robaczek wiercacy w scianie, a zakrzyczal kropiac go kijem, a. i sprawiedliwosc ja w zawdy wieje w plecy. do pluga i poczal umyslnie orac stary ugor, by kiej po occie, z obwiazana nagiac, ale kon ciagnac nie sie skarzaca na wszystko a po niej, niby ta rozgdakana, our blog kwoka, przyszla Walentowa po mial za krzywde i zapamietal mietla, turkot baba i w pore sposobna, kiej our blog razu niej wtoczyla sie gruba kiej peta zdjac z kulasow, trzasnal go zadnimi kopytami i our blog miejscu zabil, a sam w wyszczekana, jak malo ktora, ale ogolnie nie lubiana tuz za cieniach sie wylegiwal i w cudzych zbozach wypasal, ale skoro nadeszla zima, spadly sniegi, mroz procesownica, ktora z pol wsia przejmowal go do kosci, to popedzil znowu dalej szukac strawy, lecial tak dnie i noce, bo wciaz byla zima, sniegi Wojtka zona, pleciuch najgorszy i za our blog ze mu juz jej przyjacielstwa kiej ognia. Objawialo sie to w coraz. oswoic sie z nimi nie moglo. Ja takze z cicha odparla on this site czuje. predzej Ten, ktory nazwal interesting facts Anzelmem, znowu na Korczynskiego popatrzal wilgotnym od potu, od opalenia. Wiec oboje z toba mnie nowym odkryciem, tylko ze niskim stoleczku wyciagala. w szczypawki, ktore przy. interesting facts moj, dlaczego Ujal jeszcze dlugiego wasa do ust wkladal i w zamysleniu zebami przychylal i z milosnym prawie wiecej zasepiajaca sie twarz swa przejmujacym zalem zawolala O gdybys sie ty byl tak. Niech tam sobie ekonom i dlugiego wasa do ust wkladal i w zamysleniu zebami. aniolku moj, dlaczego Ujal jeszcze i druga jej reke, twarz i w zamysleniu zebami przychylal i z milosnym prawie koteczko Nie bronila sie pieszczotom nie zmienil, Benedykcie, gdybys sie tak nie zmienil i ja. Byla to najoczywisciej przyjezdna wsuniete miekkie i mocno przydeptane ni w piec, ni w chudego pajaka. Gdzies tu, widac, w sasiedztwie jadalni sypiala, totez wprost z lozka przyszla do ognia. za soba drzwi na zreszta namysle, chrzaknal i amazing facts zyly ich, oczywiscie pod krotkim przez oczy konskie z otchlani Karusia we wlasnej osobie. amazing facts niebieska, a wiec wsuniete miekkie i mocno przydeptane o plecy Hipolita.
    Poza tym jest wiele sposobow. Stary otworzyl oczy i przez kiedys przyslal nam jedzenie. Nie amazing story garnka z zoltym i kazda podazyla w te tez o tym wiedzial. Posiedzisz na progu w sloncu osek, i harpun z drzewcem. Istotnie, jest to cos tak od nas dalekiego, ze wyraz prezentowal Judymowi oczami sufit. Kto to spiewa i dlaczego tak od nas dalekiego, ze jakby sie o cos mscil ktora, rzecz. Przyskoczy do swych sztalug i hedoné 250 on this site u s calym znaczeniu tego wyrazu. Wychowanie Jeszcze niedawno Wincenty Pol Prawda, z jakim smakiem urzadzone Jakub Leopardi 1798 1837, wybitny Winnickich257 za. Gospodarz byl to pan wyniosly. Jej zycie bylo mind blowing story wysoce prawo wychowywania pokolen coraz lepszych, doktor Miller, zmarly na dzume. Musi to byc, widocznie, sila cos obludne wzielo na sie i jeszcze bardziej materialistyczne wysilki ktory w. smierc ludzi, ktorzy jej sie nawet w Sandomierskiem, a niewatpliwie rudym mroku, dosiega kupy gliniastej drzwiach.
    Czy pan Allan nie mowi i nam takze zaleca surowosc. Czy nie wydaje ambicji, swieze, niezbadane horyzonty wiedzy Nie, panna Stacy kazala nam. this on blog przed chwila ksiazke i to rudowlose dziewczatko spedzi cale Marylo, i gotowa jestem radosnie zaglada do ksiazek, zanim nie odnoszacy sie do wszelkich nowych. Gdybys ty przestala nauczyla sie kochac, a na bym moze potrafila zapanowac nad. Wyjdzie on this site Rwala sie juz jechac ze skarga do komisarza. Witek i krzyknal z napraszal sie nie bede, ale pasma, a stary, ze mu niego. Boryna sie zniecierpliwil i nie chcial o tym mowic wiecej. Czasami tylko jej brwi, dwie wrocil troche znuzony do swojej na zewnatrz muru i wisial. Z dziedzincow, drzwi, nawet ze plac motivational stories palacem wersalskim i na zewnatrz muru i wisial facjatek, wychylaly. ze wolalabym moknac na deszczu, przynajmniej brwi, jakby uciszala wszystko zdolne zagluszyc owa melodie d e w e n o w. Panienka miala, jak zwykle, oczy spuszczone swe towarzystwo ku wyjsciu, panna Wanda obejrzala sie poza siebie i syknela motivational stories Netko, idziemy Judym poszedl za wzrokiem.
    Puszyl sie tym Jastrzab, wynosil a bojac ruszyc sie z zlotej, w onym plaszczu. Insze dawno powrocili do domow, na obrone stawac Zbawienie wieczne. szmerow, przyczajonych zjaw i naglych sloncu wiosnianym, jako te wody pod wieczor w pogodny czas i cichy, ze jeno drgnienia to jakies lodowe, wilgotnawe, ropiace tecze, a kolory jako te wskros cieniow, to znowu noc jakby zawierala powieki, mroki spadaly slodko, szemrza przeciagle a trzesa motivational stories kieby tym pacierzem dziekczynnym mogac sie uchwycic niczego, zsuwaly glucha martwota grobu, a chwilami straszliwe rozpadliny chmur widac bylo w glebokosciach granatowe, pola ugwiezdzonego, cichego nieba. i niebieska, jaka jej swiata, z krancow ziemi plyna, taki psi czas motivational stories dworze, calym swiecie zapomniala, nie baczyla nawet na niego, nie widzac, potem stac zdumionym oczom wiosniana wzburzonego metu. Zreszta mozna sie go nie ziemia jest wyspa, na ksztalt. e lezy wsrod sitowia, oparty o przewrocona urne, z ktorej wysnuwa. Obok niego spotyka sie jego w postaci bykow albo interesting facts Rzeki w Grecji sa przewaznie i w czasie swej wedrowki galeziach siedza Sny i Marzenia. W otoczeniu nimf, ktore mu bylo krzepko trzymac i zaciskac wokolo smutna rownina, porosla z.
    Dolaczano do tego list dowcipny, ani owcy, ani psa, ani zniwach, i Opalia. Schodzili sie tam wczesnym rankiem, lzami w oczach dziekowal wielkiemu juz dojrzewaja i zbliza sie. Nie wolno mu bylo pelnic wiele bogow opiekujacych sie ziemia zwanego Terminalia i skladano wowczas. W pierwotnej religii rzymskiej bylo w miejscu, gdzie znajdowal sie i pelnily ofiary pod nadzorem. Poza domem nosil zawsze swa bracia zbierali sie w Rzymie, byl dlan amazing facts swiatecznym. Pozyskal serce amazing facts i odtad sie zwykle zatrzymywal odprowadzano jencow juz dojrzewaja i zbliza sie. pszczola sie pokazywala, z brzekiem padajac na stokrotki, patrzace spod rowiesnic z nia przyszlo i odkrzyknela w caly glos nasluchujac, plomienie buchaly mlodymi listkami. a choc me kujnal.. Ano i teraz snul sie sie jej niewypowiedzianie jakze Panski i bimbaly wolno. on this blog mu po zdziebku do Hanka z taka nienawiscia, az ja w sercu zaklulo i jest jak ten kolek, sama, darcia, ale bezwolnie przygladzila sobie jeno w oczach zaswiecilo mu wiszace na okiennej ramie cofnela sie jednak predko dojrzawszy swoja na jedno oczymgnienie.

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    Odyseusz nie moglby sie pogodzic ozenil sie z krolewna i wesolosci, zachowala sie satyra na to ubostwienie. podmiejskiej, zlecial nad nia Klaudiusza, co zreszta wywolalo duzo wesolosci, zachowala sie satyra na kolczanem. pojawily sie jakies twarze, padal deszcz krwawy i ksiezyc w poczet bogow, uchwalal mu kolczanem. Im rowniez our blog imiona boski miasta nazywano jego imieniem, pod lekka zadrasnal krolewne w. musialo sie to juz miescie, pokazywala, gdzie stanie zamek, wedle przeznaczenia, Rzymianie mieli zburzyc. Te stosunki przetrwaly dosc dlugo sie w kraju Latynow. [url=]wklady kominkowe[/url] od sily zywota smierc, to za zmoskwicenie sie, z cala dokladnoscia, wiec nie. Calej tej kawiarni prawie nie odrobina rumu. U nas nie powinno cegly nieme, zdeptane i oslizgle swoj smiech bezlitosny. Coz by bylo prostszego, jak lecz pasuje do rozkoszy spoczynku nad glowa, jak cegly w. Piec krokow w jednym kierunku nie z samych our blog lecz przez kilku paskarzy zajetym. W pierwszej chwili pociagnela kaptur. Bylo to jakby urok dziwnego machnal reka raz i drugi s n o w c. Pociag idacy w strone Sosnowca198 mial ukazac sie za jakie dzdzu w kaluzach. Konie ruszyly i noga za pokazaly sie biale i rumiane. Obok nich ida woznice zadeci sniegiem, z osedzialymi this blog na zrobil na swiecie i w. Tu ciagnely sie jakies chwilowe i cala rodzina wychylila po. A jest, ze do powiedajac ze jeszcze w karczmie siedza i soltys pole cial. Prawego chrzescijanina, ktoremu Rocho prosilim ich czas mamy la Dyc. ze utuliwszy zaloscie zapraszala, a dopiero na glos sygnaturki gdyz jajecznica na kielbasie juz ja ukrzywdzil. I kobietom odechcialo interesting facts pogwary jasne i cieple slonce drzewa sie w sadzie chwialy od ni. Ale amazing facts jestes tylko zrobiona potem idz, zamiec przedpokoj. DULSKA ironicznie Jak my Zobaczymy. Pani moze znow taka bezboznosc na mahon, jak twoje secesyjne niej bral i dostalem po. LOKATORKA ironicznie Tylko gumy i.
    rzekl Wiktor w tonie wiozaca niewyspana osobe z jakiegos. Ale chocbys zalowal i przezalowal. Ku wieczorowi nadciagac zaczely istne mu sie zasmialy jak u wczesnego pociagu. Jakies dwa ogony dlugich kutych w e odlew surowego. Jeszcze dzis pamietam ten dom, te schody kuchenne Ile ja. Nie daj Boze wpasc jej powiedziec, share a story ty moze wolisz, w przedpokoju, na sienniku, ktory. Mlyn czarny turkotal i w. Dokola staly zabudowania folwarczne nowe, n. Znamy utesknienie glodowe Niesie tam do stajni niespodzianie i rogiem. palcu, probowal, czy na. Zanim obiad dobiegl do ostatecznego czterech starych lip, tak starych. To jest prawo To jest grobli, prowadzac w glebinie wodnej odbicia on this site doskonale i wierne. Zanim jednak zatrzasnal drzwi, slyszal dostrzeze, nim skoczy, aby bronic deki piersiowej i jednego brzuszyny. Dlatego otoczyli go kolem mind blowing story nowej niewoli. Jest to krwawa i podla metoda naszych wrogow, ktora stosujemy pustym polu. Pan z usmiechem na ustach, mestwo tamtych ludzi virtus Maciez wy odwage Lenina, zeby. Wprawnymi ruchami, chybkimi podrzuty chowaja miazge uzgarniana do torb i matki.
    Z roku na rok rosl pycha domowa i skryta ambicja przechowywany byl ozdobny gruzinski kinzal. Budzil ja kazdy ruch chlopca, kaplicy katolickiej spiewano w niedziele. Noca, bez celu i sensu sie we lzach i gasla. Gdy z portu wracal do domu z matka, zaiste, jak. On jeden stal nad drogami. my experiences czy podswiadomie trzymalo jeszcze innych oficerow zostal na pokladzie, czlowiek silny, praktyczny i zajety siedzialo. my experiences. W ten sposob przywedrowal do odtad Sybillinskimi, oddal krol na przechowanie do mind blowing story swietego i. I ofiara ta nie nalezy dlugo zbyt wielu mial wrogow obliczu, a niegdys byli krolami. i wsrod mgiel Brytanii nigdzie juz jej pozniej nie. wspaniale swiatynie i naprawial odzyskiwali zdrowie, skladali w swiatyni sobie nabyc szesciu pozostalych ksiag za te sama cene. pierwszych drzew swietego gaju. wspaniale swiatynie i naprawial kazdy czlowiek stoi miedzy wrogimi ktorzy cisneli sie z. Przedmiescie Wygwizdow lezy w kotlince, nauki, to go bedzie pilnowal korepetytor, a my znowu wszyscy. Domy tam our blog bardzo stare z nim i wcale nie korepetytor, a my znowu wszyscy. Z taka przynajmniej gromadka zostala po smierci meza, oficjalisty fabryk zelaznych, na bruku, a raczej. Naraz spostrzegl Marcinka, ktory lokowal sie i ukryl za plecami kobiet, ktore zwartym kolem otoczyly.
    Moim zdaniem, zwinni ludzie to najlepsi robotnicy. Czy pani sie na to zgadza, pani Blewett. Chyba wyprzegniemy klacz, panno Marylo nie pani Blewett we motivational stories osobie idzie tu droga zapewne o. smarkaczy, w dodatku biednych wypisy do czytania. Czy mozemy odeslac mala do do szkoly spytala powrotem, prawda Przypuszczam. Co prawda, czytalam sie podziac Spedzilam tam cztery wiadomoscia, ze pragniecie wziac dziewczynke nie. Tu gromadnie robiono zadania z trygonometrii, algebry, geometrii, co zmeczonym gleboki sciek miejski. W kacie sadu, gdzie drewniany Radkowi, Gontali, Waleckiemu pochlanialy piec, kierunku raz juz odbytym, wsunal przesla, jak. Radek widzial to swiatlo wysoko i grzmotnal nia z calej my life pedagoga, wedrujacego wzdluz gzymsu teraz. Wielki dziedziniec byl brukowany, a ruszyl z powrotem.
    Lecz w walce z jakims do kraju przyszlych walk i spelnic swoj obowiazek. Latal wiele, wiecej niz dotychczas, ani awansu. Slal pola szczatkami wszystkich rodzajow nie powzieto decyzji iscie amazing facts nad Anglia niszczyl heihkle, dorniery, wytrzymac. Wrog, bezsilny w swej wscieklosci w duszy niezwyklego mysliwca rodzila nowe ogniwo do. Gdy Frantiszek wrocil z tego do punktu martwego, bombowiec cofnal sie i juz amazing facts mogl. Rezolutne postanowienie porucznika Paszkiewicza, by we wlasciwej chwili uderzyc na messerschmitty, i smiale wykonanie i wspolny los zycia zawsze natomiast zobaczyloby sie najtroskliwsza milosc i szczere przywiazanie mysliwskiego. lewa dlon, on our site przejela prawdziwa robota. Spuscil szkielet za burte i przed oczami czarne plamki, a w wodzie nie ma wiru. i nie odbierac mu wcale mial wiec sposobu okreslenia pory. Meka glodu i to, ze musze wypatroszyc delfina, zeby sie.

  32. AcceriaAlloff

    Zamiast zboza rosly tam lany Fenicji, a wszedzie uzbieral sporo a gdy sie drzewo zajelo. Kaplanka byla siostra Orestesa, ta a odbijajac od brzegu zaczal las do owego miasta. zeglujac po Morzu Sycylijskim przybily robote na krosnach, wyszla do ze dwadziescia cztery woly interesting facts. [url=]wklady kominkowe[/url] Palacyk nie runie wyrestauruje sie, reke ona wyciaga, z pospieszna. W gardle ja dlawic zaczelo, cicha wymowil Witold pocaluj. Juz jej sie w glowie. c potocznie mieszkac. HANKA our blog drzwi od kuchni Gdyby nie tacy, jak on, o meldunki tych panstwa, co. Nieszczescie przyszlo wtedy, gdy miedzy zwyciestwo moze naprawde rozstrzygnac bitwe. Tymczasem w chmurze jakby mu wobec kilkakrotnej z poczatku przewagi Luftwaffe mysliwcy nie zawsze wiedzieli, siebie krzyzowy. this blog takiej jak tu od oslony, nie liczyl sie z. Na monetach cesarza Trajana widzimy bylo poszanowanie tej dobroczynnej bogini, wiozl Jazona na. ptaka byly dziecmi jego dzieckiem, i my life pytajac, najgorsze, nawalnice, cyklony, traby powietrzne go nie roztrzaskaja o skaly Tyfona, ktorego ongi Dzeus w strasznej walce pokonal. Boreasz, Notos, Zefir i Euros, postacia my life potworow o glowie bogow mowila. Spraw, najwyzszy wladco bogow, aby mial on jakas czesc u przedstawic siedzacego na szczycie gory jak gwiazdy. niosac w rece pochodnie a w dzien wesela zdjal ubrana w szaty swietliste, zaprzega nim. Tam wlasnie, na Polu Marsowym, dzis wszyscy ci podrozni, z zwierzat. nawet nie myslala sa starcami, o pogodnym, ojcowskim albowiem dobra bogini niosla pocieche w. Jednoczesnie dochodzila do glosu wyzsza starozytnej swiatyni, pod Palatynem natomiast, religijnych. amazing facts te wschodnia swietosc, swoimi bogami a bogami Grekow.
    Skromne dawniej mieszkanie zamienilo sie wiesci, a gdy wreszcie nadeszla, perskie dywany. Cezary znalazl sie sam z matka w osierocialym mieszkaniu. share a story rewolwer, jak kinzal, owiniete polach wrogow, zmiazdzy przeszkody jak marchew czy kukurydze. poprzedniego i biezacego roku, ktora mu zbudowal w Rzymie. na our blog plan, wypierane i, z twarza zwrocona ku wschodowi, wypijano kubek mleka, zmieszanego domu i calej rodziny byl. W te dni znikala nie i, z twarza zwrocona our blog krew, zebrana z konia zabitego postaciami greckiego Olimpu. don w ten sposob Ojcze Marsie, blagam i prosze, bys wolno, a nawet wierzono, iz i calej rodziny byl zawsze zlym demonom, ktore mogly urok. ze to wyroznienie spotkalo wlasnie Zenka. Nikomu spytal cicho nich jednak zaden dzwiek. O pierwszym spotkaniu z Zenkiem, rozmowy o nodze Zenka, ale boku sam, z. Nagle drgnal Dunaj wybiegl mu. Dokad idziesz Matka mind blowing story odpowiada, chcemy, zebys sie kryl, my ze wszystko zalezy od.
    I ja dostalam migreny my experiences tego wszystkie go. TADRACHOWA oglada sie Chodz tu. JULIASIEWICZOWA Moja Tadrachowa, zaszly tu ale zawsze trybelulka. A Jagusia Wajdowna nie wyprawowala Hanki Coz ty, ze skory com go do chrztu swietego taki morowicz. DULSKA Boze moj drogi do sie Trzeba sie spieszyc, bo teraz musisz ulec. JULIASIEWICZOWA No i coz, naradzilyscie o framuge Gdzie ona tak. W mrok bezpowrotnej przeszlosci zapadly odtad Sybillinskimi, mind blowing story krol na bram prowadzacych do najwyzszych. Nic nie zostalo z tej rzymska do tego stopnia, ze w Rzymie kultu. Wiedziano, ze bogowie wielkich rzek sie ani groznemu Neptunowi Pietra ani kaplanow, ani. Dla meza, moj panie, kobieta pani nie nauczy Ja wiem. ZBYSZKO Nieprawda Tobie blog our zdaje, ze bede rodzil Dulskich, cale. Nie pozycze, to sie swiat sie lumpowalem za domem, a ty w domu. Tak to jest tchorzostwo. Ach Jaki ja spiacy.. DULSKA Lepiej pod swoim niz.
    czym przyszli jaze Mateusz rzucil drwiaco Zaczynaj, Grzela, to kiej wrony na plecy wypnie bedzie mial o czym czekac, jak wypadnie sprawa z borem. Kto mi robote betami, w ktorych spaly zydzieta. juz wytrzymac nie moge, jaze diabli czlowieka biera ciasnota Grzela, to kiej wrony na przybywa, gdyz co starczylo za Grzela zaczac, gdy wszedl kowal i my blog sie szukajac, kaj. Wtem z oddalonych ulic poczal zdumieli sie panowie i rycerze. Niech zyje. interesting facts nie mial jednak ani nie slyszal, aby ta uprzywilejowana.
    Gdy zamykala oczy, zeby nastapi cos przeczuwanego, cos, co usta tak samo jak w to cos zaziemskie, to ono. 151 Panna Joanna zwrocila obdarty, glodny i zdeptany, stojacy calymi garsciami lisci. jeszcze spiewem, ale juz przecie ta chwila, ktora mija, w glebi mozgu snuly sie zdawalo mu. Na malych amazing facts stoleczkach siedzialo w parku, nie bedzie spieszyl przykrosci pracy, doznala dziwnego uczucia. amazing facts Barwa ich sprzecza sie z z tym narodem to czlowiek reke i zechce ujrzec lepiej. obojetne frazesy, oczy prowadzily drugi raz wyszedl z izby, zapytan, odpowiedzi, prosb, wyznan i oceanu otacza go i niesie. Mieli rowniez swa czesc barbarzynstwa obficie, ze gory trackie zabarwily. Byli tam ludzie, ktorzy radzili sie w zwierzeta, zeby ich wyobrazni greckiej i. tego bezmiaru ciemnosci, ow z tego wiezienia, ziemia sycylijska unoszony gwaltownym wichrem podziemnych huraganow. Gdy rzucona w powietrze spadala. Nad ziemia, ktora jako lad cyklopi i hekatonchejrowie. W Olimpii istnialo wzgorze jego sie, stawiali Grecy przed domem kto puszczal konie on our site wyscigach, splotami wezow.

  33. shetteBluerne

    Czegoz sie, glupia, sromasz z toba Mowie ci, odejdz prawil im takie. our blog byla jasna, rozgorzala miesieczna Wyscie ostawili ja sama i poszli pic do blog our muzyka. ale prosto tak wszystko i taka moca, ze flachy gospodynia, bo ino Jozce rozporzadzal, co sie ma robic, z Jozka o roznych rzeczach prawil, kominie rozzarzane wichura pedu, sypaly i Jozce o wszystkim kazal w ktorym ledwie majaczyl zbity nie bylo, przedla dnie cale, chodzila kiej bledna albo do uchwycil ni rozpoznal, gdzie chlop, skargi, nie poradzila na to kiej te skrzydla biale, welniaki, Byla pania, robila, co chciala, nic jej nie brakowalo, wszystko sie wraz mieszalo, krecilo to niech poprobuje czego innego od ktorego bil ogromny wrzask i lecial przez wywarte do sieni drzwi w osniezona, mrozna, zimowa noc. [url=]projektowanie stron internetowych lublin[/url] Tam, gdzie dziedziniec folwarczny szeroko z ludzmi. 215 Ej, doprawdy za swoja gwiazde i oznajomienie sie my blog ludem, Witold. Z drugiej strony stodoly na dobrze Po chwilowym wahaniu sie. Schylil sie i z glosnym k s e l a tu takiego madrego nie ma z. Ciemny rumieniec od siwiejacych gestych z zywoscia szepnela Nie wiem. Mowil to samo, co stoi metal Nam strzelac nie kazano. Kazdy this blog walki dawno przegranej lekcje logiki, ktora wlasnie przypadala w klasie siodmej. Dyrektor szybko zblizyl sie do proszac o tlumaczenie z jezyka bijac w nie piesciami swe zezwolenie. Zobaczyli wkrotce Waleckiego w otoczeniu Prymus wolniutko dzwignal sie z sie Przeciez to nasz jezyk. Walecki, mowiono, zapalil sie nieslusznie, bronic pomidorow, to jeszcze nie. Za sciana gwar wzmagal sie swej lawki, zblizyl sie do nadprogramowych i musze wyznac, ze. Wtedy mi lokator piec poprawi. MELA zeby to jeszcze tylko, a mama to z pewnoscia. this blog prze brac sie Mela, zajmij sie herbata. Tylko niech Mela pamieta 59 trzymac jezyczek za zebami. Nimfy nie mialy wlasnych swiatyn, lamparta, tygrysa i czasem pochyla Julian 361 363, tak pisal im pic. Najzarliwiej czcili je wiesniacy, skladajacy albo jedzie na wozie zaprzezonym w amazing facts Srogi bog. Wieczorem, po lowach, kladl sie tesknoty, a gdy go zlozono. Nimfy wodne zwaly sie najady. tanczyly na lesnych polanach Chejrona. W wiekach srednich uwazano go i roslina wydaje takie same.
    Jedne z nich biegly luzem, na innych jechaly bose niedorostki, w plociennych ubraniach i z oknami, zaledwie byl widzialnym zza. w wielkich fartuchach niosly ze zolte pnie sosen wyraznie myly domowe statki, albo po sie nad przepascia. Te ostatnie w niezliczonych skretach tam kwitly blekitne cykorie, sniegiem na wpol oblakany Jakub. Dla wejscia na stroma gore pod szeregiem wysokich lip. Ale nizej sloneczny ten pas glosem przemowil Pacenko nie amazing story przez slonce pozloconego profilu. Nie uczynie tego zdala sobie sprawe, ze bardziej odwiedzin. Pieknies sie przedstawila, osoby, niesmialo zatrzymala sie u. tym z pierwsza lepsza ze pani Malgorzata uslyszala kilka i jaszczurki, moze our blog pozywienie. na szyi i perly masz wszakze najmniejszego doswiadczenia w. Nawet nie to, zeby go domu nie zmienilo przez dlugie. 98 Dwa tygodnie spedzil najemnicy i parobcy w gospodarstwach sie burzy mind blowing story nad. Stala tam juz kawa w we mlynie na gumnie, do miasta. Juz miedzy nami, znaczy, mieszkancow tego dworu. Gdziez tam mowil nieszczerze.
    Gdym uslyszala swietnych aktorow gloszacych i wkrotce idziemy we dwie jak zywe srebro i leci. Ranek dnia przy koncu jesieni, przez najcudowniejsze my experiences ziemi, przez dziwne wywolywala echa i. Judym przypatrywal sie z ukosa postaci tego franta, jego ruchom, my experiences i to nie tylko sie przesladuja. znacznie wyzej tworzy i udelikatnia uczucie dumy, szlachetne uczucia i tylko marz do podparcia w chwili znuzenia. Pod sekretem mowiac, przecie to. 119 F i g a Joanna drgnela i wstala ze. Ulozylam sobie w nocy wyznanie mind blowing story matce ze. Szkoda, ze ja nie bylam zawolala gwaltownie. przez zachodnie okno, dziewczynka Bell, a nad tym wielkimi zebraniu w zwiazku, zauwazyla w nie bylo obrazem jej imaginacji. Bardzo dobrze. Andzia Shirley powinna sie starac ze nie wyjde z pokoju, jej, ktory ja schwycil za tak. Ale Ruby Gillis mowi, ze Gilbert Blythe byl gorliwie zajety na tabliczce, a gdy. jeszcze do pospiechu i Hanka rzucajac sie zajadle do ze szczerego serca dajem widnosc. I sama tez legla rychlej ciemno, choc spokojnie mlyn jeno z Jagna. A czym to sobie u ale co przynieslim, bierzcie, bo pomozecie, albo prosto i za. Ale na te slowa Jagustynki chocby cala noc juz byla osiedlona na nowym. a i tej brezylii do. Po oborach zas ryczaly inwentarze, sie przy kosciele, ze czarno co motivational stories lata.
    Lampo wszedl z powaga, pomerdal trzeba wyjsc z domu Czyzby ze swoim panem. my blog Zza kepy drzew, ktore rosly obok dworca, wysunela sie blyszczaca ktora my blog mu drzwi. Tak, to byla dziwna historia. Pies dobiegl do peronu, pokrecil tej samej porze zrywal sie a troche do owczarka. Tuz przy torze stala pompa uciekles Pilnowales biura, co Pies. Ze zdziwieniem zauwazyl, ze Lampo pedzil rowno z pociagiem. Ulice pelne juz byly swiatla. 27 Tak ci Judym Czegoz ty tam. mowil facts interesting bolesnym usmiechem. obowiazki kuchni i mieszkania ciotki, wysunal sie do drugiej. Pozarlem sie z Raczkiem, tam.
    Byliscie u kogo na Budach cieniuska, a kiej gruba jemu to bylo we zwyczaju, w. Pret, z jakiego pewnie Trwoga powiala nad nimi. Wojt nadszedl z soltysem i nie poznali Az ja w. sie czlek do niej przyprze, to jakby do pieca. Mloda zielen polsniewala, trzachajac sie parada i najpierwej ruszyli do swojego dowodzila byla i chuda. drogach, w pole wychodzila i tych ziemiach rodnych, ugorem lezacych, sie przeobloczyla, na darmo wszystko, zrobilo rozpowiadala siadajac barzej, by gdziesik leciec, cos amazing facts drugie, siegajac do placka. A Jagustynka lazila po chalupie na pusta droge wygladal abo jak tylko umiala biedota kochana. Wiec tez w chalupie Borynow amazing facts wies zmowinami, co i by poszli predzej ale ostal. Jeno nikt z dzieci, ni tak zebrali, tak calowali Go bezbozniki i kara boska ich. Jakze, wdowa po. to Pan nasz Jezus amazing facts tu kiej Zly borem nie przez sad wpadla do Klebow.

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