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The Beckyville Book Trailer!

So now I’m an author, screenwriter and executive producer. Yay, me! A few weeks ago, Maurice Poplar of Poplar Productions shot the video trailer for my book, Escape from Beckyville: Tales of Race, Hair and Rage. Moe and I were … Continue reading


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An Essential Encounter with Susan L. Taylor

It’s funny how childhood dreams return to us in adulthood, wisp by wisp, to remind us of the things our soul seeks. This past weekend, a last-minute book fair and a chance encounter with Susan L. Taylor, former editor-in-chief of … Continue reading


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Reclaiming My Hustle

It’s official. I’ve joined the ranks of the unemployed … or the self-employed. Take your pick. I’m leaning toward the gainfully creatively employed. Kinda cumbersome, but it fits my mission. So today, I walked away from my cubicle for the … Continue reading


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Some Good News (Unrelated to Beckyville)

My short story “The Stiffening” is featured in The Absent Willow Review, an ezine dedicated to horror, fantasy and science fiction. Squee! I’m pretty excited about it, since this is my first published short story and speculative fiction at that. … Continue reading


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Clones and Dysfunctional Divas

I need a personal assistant. Or a clone. A highly efficient clone. The enormity of everything I have to do — from finalizing the book trailer video, to overseeing Escape from Beckyville through the printing pipeline to marketing and promoting … Continue reading

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